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Happy November Everyrbody.

We are getting ready for the holiday’s and creating some really great new marketing tools.

These tools are NOT related to 1000aweekforlife but will help to grow it and any other business you may be involved in!

Stay tuned for updates and be ready for the BEST New year of all!

Celebrate with a FULL BANK ACCOUNT!

If you want more info about Rocco, 1000aweekforlife and growing your business just locate my contact info on this blog!


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1000AWeekForLife Adds Rod Cook to Advisory Board


We have retained the the most recognized Network Marketing Consultant in the industry, Rod Cook (, to assist us in making sure that what we are building lasts a lifetime. Isn’t it worth the minimal amount of money and your time to get involved? THIS IS NOT JUST ANOTHER DEAL!! You have the ability to get involved before the masses.


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1000AWeekForLife coming up on 100 countries

Can you see it now?

Kevin Harrington of ABC television’s “SHARK TANK”…

Highly recommends 1000 A Week FOR LIFE for entrepreneurs everywhere!

I have some exciting news about 1000 A Week FOR LIFE and this is really big!

I recently had the opportunity to meet with Kevin Harrington, who currently stars on the ABC prime time television show “Shark Tank” and asked him to give me his opinion about 1000 A Week FOR LIFE.

Before we get to his answer let me tell you a little about Kevin…

He is not only a celebrity and extremely successful businessman, but he’s also a business expert who evaluates businesses on his hit TV show. Kevin uses his business judgment and experience to invest in what will work and what won’t.

He examined my 9-year online track record of successes, my unique wealth building plan, my cutting edge products… And, within minutes of completing his examination he said…

“I’ve got to tell you, this is a winner. I love it! I’m in!”

Kevin Harrington joins 1000 A Week FOR LIFE!

More about Kevin…

He has helped launch over $4-billion dollars in product sales in his career and is currently the author of the best selling book, “Act Now! How I Turned Ideas into Million Dollar Products.”

He is one of the pioneers of the television infomercial industry and has helped launch huge success stories such as Tony Little and Billy Mays. They have become household brand names worldwide.

Kevin is the real deal and he has big plans for 1000 A Week FOR LIFE and YOU. Also, both Kevin and I want you to be big part of our global plans. Kevin Harrington and David Rosen are credibility you can build upon!

We are still young and you have the opportunity to get jump stared before we go global.

I hope you had a chance to listen to Kevin on our corporate conference calls, it is clear he has not shared everything. Both he and I have mapped out 3 and 6 month objectives and are planning what 1000 A Week will look like years from now.

Listen to the call here

When you see articles like the one in the New York TIMES (see the link below) it is clear that he DOES have an even greater vision for the company.

Read the NY Times Article about Kevin Harrington here

You may have heard this before, but you are the beginning of what our industry is going to look like years from now, WE HAVE RAISED THE BAR. On a planet of more than 6 billion, the majority of which are wealth challenged, you have an opportunity to make a difference. You’re hearing about 1000 A Week FOR LIFE now, at the very beginning. Only a few thousand have registered and you know this is going to be huge! What do you think you should do next…

Before you answer consider this:

If the billion-dollar man, Kevin Harrington can see it

If most of the top 1% of our industry leaders can see it

How important do you think it is for you to take massive action RIGHT NOW?


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1000AWEEKFORLIFE Payday # 2

1000 A Week truly is Your Right Solution to help you get out of
debt and stay that way.

Imagine the day when your most important decision is…

What am I going to do and who am I going to do it with?

You are this close… can you see my fingers Rocco?

Here’s what you need to do claim your piece of the PIE…

Login to your back office and just 2 clicks to claim your cash:

enter your email address
enter your password

1. Go to MyMoney
2. Click Claim

Be sure to enter your AlertPAy account info in your Profile.

Do it for the Freedom, do it for the Fun, Do it for YOU

Here’s one of David’s quotes to help guide you through
you day…

“The four prongs to attainment: Plan with a purpose,
prepare with a mission, advance with confidence and
engage with passion.” David Rosen 2009


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Ny Times Atricle 6/30/11 Writes Kevin Harrington

Impulse Buying on TV Enters an Even Faster Phase
Published: June 29, 2011

TELEVISION pitchmen for quirky products like Pajama Jeans and lighted slippers once tried to get viewers to place their orders by phone and then shifted to getting products into retail outlets with labels that screamed “As Seen on TV.” Now, they are trying to make impulse buying even easier by experimenting with new technologies.

Cellphones are one tool some marketers are embracing to sell products quickly from TV sets.
“Because we come from the world of video and TV, who better than us?” asked Kevin Harrington, founder of a direct response marketing company, TVGoods.

Mr. Harrington, one of the “sharks” on ABC’s “Shark Tank,” where entrepreneurs pitch their ideas to direct response executives, bought and its corresponding telephone number in June. The company, which says it has more than two million customers and 700,000 e-mail subscribers, is embracing technologies that use cellphones and remote controls to enable purchases directly from a television set.

Daily Web videos with product demonstrations are also being produced, and Facebook pages where users can buy products directly are expected to start rolling out before the end of the year.

“We anticipate most of our vendors being excited about this as a whole new way to generate products and profits,” Mr. Harrington said. lists 650 products from multiple vendors.

In the online videos, spokesmen like the former professional wrestler Hulk Hogan and the entertainer 50 Cent will host product demonstrations. “It’s much like what makes a home shopping network work — it’s a visual, it’s storytelling, it’s presenting and bringing the products to life,” Mr. Harrington said.

The videos will also be pushed out by e-mail to subscribers to the site. Mr. Harrington hopes to use former hosts from home shopping channels in addition to celebrity endorsers.

Some of the newer products being pitched by celebrities include a nonabrasive household cleaner product line called PumMagic, which is made of finely ground pumice and includes a spray, scrubs and sponges. The product will be endorsed by Hulk Hogan, whose physical strength is meant to mirror the strength of the cleanser, Mr. Harrington said.

“Hulk, as a celebrity and a famous athlete, was always talking to us about endorsing products, “ Mr. Harrington said. “It just made sense. Hulk really fell in love with the pumice pitch.”

A high-end set of wireless over-the ear headphones that is being promoted by 50 Cent, who is no stranger to product pitches after being a spokesman for Vitamin Water drinks, will sell for $300 to $400.

“He’s a pretty aggressive entertainer,” Mr. Harrington said. “He’s been a great businessman.” When asked whether that price was a bit too rich compared to the usual cost of an infomercial product, Mr. Harrington said, “It’ll be three easy payments of $99 when we’re done.”

Streamlining the way consumers buy these products is one a crucial goal. Mike Fitzsimmons, the chief executive of Delivery Agent, the company providing mobile and television commerce technology to AsSeenOnTV, said it is clumsy for television viewers to have to jot down an 800 number or go to a Web site.

“Our whole business is taking friction out of the processing,” Mr. Fitzsimmons said. “Were placing a big bet on that industry that we think is in need of innovation”

This fall, the company will roll out technology it calls audio fingerprinting, which will enable cellphones to decipher which infomercial a user is watching after the phone is held up to the television. The user will then be sent to a mobile Web site where the product can be bought through the cellphone.

Another development will let viewers use ordinary remote controls to buy products off a television screen by clicking a button that opens a purchase window. Advertisers will also be able to track which commercials elicited purchases. The goal, Mr. Fitzsimmons said, is to have a “ubiquitous transaction mechanism for television.”

Direct response marketers say they are closely watching the new technologies.

“If we have the opportunity for them to see a commercial and to react that quickly, the chances for us to make a sale increase dramatically,” said Kevin Vick, a partner with Boston Ideas, which owns Bright Feet, a product that combines fuzzy house slippers with LED lights so people can see as they walk in the dark. “This takes several steps out. In our society today, we want it now, we want it faster. “

Sonia Makurdsik, a marketing consultant for Hampton Direct, which owns Pajama Jeans, said 70 percent of nonstore sales came from online purchases as opposed to over the phone. “Flipping through the channel is not enough,” she said. “Your brand message needs to be present wherever the consumer is.”

Data from Nielsen shows that direct response marketers spent $2.1 billion on television, radio outdoor and print advertising in 2010, and $550 million in the first quarter of 2011.

John Yarrington, the publisher of Response Magazine, a direct response trade magazine, said that while these marketers are going to the Web, television is still critical for establishing a brand’s presence. “How would you know to go look for the Shake Weight, if you’ve never heard of it before?” he asked.

Once online, however, marketers can sell products more cheaply since they eliminate the need for someone to take a phone order. “Television marketing fuels consumers to go to the Web and make purchases online or make purchases to their phone,” Mr. Yarrington said.


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1000 A Week For Life is a GROUND FLOOR OPP!

1 k banner

Ok, so here’s the skinny, Kevin was written up in the NY Times Today, Mr ABC Tv Shark Tank, Mr. Billion Dollar Brand Man.

Can you guess where where going with a great new products, great compensation plan, great Management, Great legal Counsel?

You guessed right!

Opportunities like this at the GROUND FLOOR don’t come round often

Listen a call I hoted tonight With Kevin Harrington:

Then decide if your ready to do some work and reap some rewards, this is a long term company!

Always use Rocco’s guest code 1111 for great support

Look for exciting new announcements, exciting new products!

We have not even come close to MOMENTUM!

Those of you thinking, “I can’t afford another program”


Don’t let this slip by, you’ll regret it 2 months, 6 months, 2 years down the road


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